Shuttle FAQs

1. What is the advantage of using a shuttle to/from the Airport?

It is a very economical way to travel due to the possibility you may be sharing with other passengers travelling to the same destinations.

2. Can Coast Shuttle pick me up from my place of work?
We operate door to door and can pickup/ drop off to any destination.

3. My airlines flight departs late at night, is that O.K?
Yes, we can pick up/ drop off 24/7

4. What does a fare cost?
Prices are fixed so you don't need to worry about taxi meters etc. Pricing can be quoted easily via our online fare calculator or contacting us directly on 027 472 2613

5. Is luggage included in my quoted fare?
A reasonable fair allowance is included in the fare at no charge. For oversize items plase contact us prior to booking.

6. Can I hire the shuttle for an event or sightseeing tour as a group booking?
We also specialize in group event booking and our drivers are happy to arrange private sightseeing tours if requested.

7. How many passengers can your Shuttle carry?
11 passengers plus luggage.

8. Can Coast Shuttle carry my Bike and Surfboard?
Yes a low number of these items may be included at no extra charge providing we have sufficient notice when you place your booking. However excessive quantity of oversized luggage may incur a small fee. Please ask when you place booking.

9. My destination suburb is not listed?
We cover the Pohutukawa Coast. Please contact us to confirm availability.

10. What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash and most credit cards are accepted. A credit card fee does apply.

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